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This shot was taken with a Nikon D700 in Singapore, 2010.

Another shot taken from the MBS Skypark. This shot simply shows how dense a concrete jungle Singapore is. Packed with HDBs and high rise amidst “forests” and the distant Indonesian mountains, this shot is a simple illustration of how packed and small country we are in.


This shot was taken with a Nikon D700 in Singapore, 2010.

A shot taken from the MBS Skypark before a storm. It’s never easy to run a business and moreover survive in Singapore due to the intense competition we face. Lack of natural resources, we can only depend on trade and industries to drive our economy. This 3 skycrapers sort of resemble a podium for the top 3 in any competitions. But with dark clouds and a gloomy economic outlook coming, it’s really hard to predict the outcome in the near future.

This shot was taken with a Nikon D700 in Singapore, 2010.

A chance to go up the skydeck on top of the Marina Bay Sands. The weather was really gloomy the time I was up there in the afternoon. As the sun began to set in the evening, the colors started to be more prominent and in the centre of this panoramic shot, we can see the rain showering in some parts of the island. The clouds shape the colors of the sunset to become somewhat like an eye. I call this Eye on the City.

This shot was taken with a Nikon D700 in Singapore, 2010.

The sunset in town was extremely vibrant. This sudden burst of orangy red cast onto the clouds against Central at Clarke Quay was a sight to see. Complement this scene with a boat emerging from under the bridge. I call this emerging. One – Emerging of the boat. Two – Emerging of the clouds against Central lit up by the sun.

A project that will be ongoing to restore some of my best works from the day I started taking photos.

This shot was taken with a Nikon D700 in Singapore, 2010.

This lone tree is the only surviving tree standing against the waves of Changi Beach. Whether when it will fall is a matter of how long it can withstand the wind and waters here.

This shot was taken with a Nikon D700 in Singapore, 2010.

Shot taken opposite the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple from a HDB. This angle has to be just right to accomodate in the streets as well as the CBD at a nice eye level view. Tried from level 7, view too high, and at level 5, view was deemed ideal IMO. This temple has such an ideal setting with the CBD in the background that it portrays a cultural / religious heartbeat in Singapore.

An impromptu sunset shoot, considering gloomy weather and almost zero chance of colors in skies, I am glad I took a bet against the weather knowing that it really love playing with my feelings. Lol…

Me and Billy head down this area after my suggestion, welcomed by a sudden stroke of lightning flash and thunder ripping through the skies, sending families at Popeye’s went scrambling into their cars and shelters and scaring children till tears. In my mind that time, I was thinking, that’s it man. Another day where the weather decided to toy with me again. Well after we cross the bridge, we saw the orange glow and after 20minutes, the transition to fiery red skies makes me smile again.

Sharing some shots on this gloomy turned fiery evening.

Punggol Sunset Pano #1

Punggol Sunset 270511 #1

I thought ooo, it was the end as the colors faded.
Punggol Sunset Pano #2

Comes a surprising 10mins… starting at 1912HRS
Punggol Sunset 270511 #2

Punggol Sunset 270511 #3

Strange how the light cuts off here but thats the way it is…
Punggol Sunset Pano #3

1916HRS. The peak of this transition with awesome lighting.
Punggol Sunset 270511 #4

Cooling off at 1918HRS.
Punggol Sunset 270511 #5

Punggol Sunset 270511 #6