As an avid photographer who began his photography journey in 2006, with a passion towards landscape photography in particular and travel, I took my camera on my trips to Asia and Oceania in the past 3 years. The world is big and definitely cannot be explored in a single lifetime.

Met one true love and finally settling down in a family of my own. Photography still my passion and travel still in my blood, but instead of alone, it will be with my beloved wife in future. Let this blog just be filled with my photography journey as well as my journey of travels with my beloved one.

  1. huifen says:

    Hello! I am Huifen, a journalist from Straits Times Life! writing a story on the tampines eco park. Would like to speak to people who have been there to share their experiences. Would you be able to drop me your contact details so I can ask you a few questions be today?
    Will be asking you: why do you like about the park, etc. Please kindly give me a call back by today at:
    Huang Huifen
    ST Life!/Lifestyle
    The Straits Times
    Singapore Press Holdings
    DID: 6319 5253
    HP: +6598335052

    thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  2. Katine says:

    thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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