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This shot was taken with a Nikon D700 in Singapore, 2010.

This lone rock in the background should be the king of rocks along CBW. Standing at a height of about 2.3meters against the waves and winds, its a sight that you wont miss while strolling along the boardwalk. This was a sunrise shot, which was not really a popular sunrise location as it’s backlitting the big rock. However, it gives it a sense of majesty as it leads all the rocks “out at low tide”.


This shot was taken with a Nikon D700 at Dunsbrough, Western Australia, 2009.

Named Sugarloaf Rock, this massive rock structure resembles a piece of sugar rock hence this name. Do not have the luxury to come for a sunrise shoot here, so here in the mid hot afternoon sun, drove past here and took a 10sec exposure for this final shot. Winds are coming in at 22km/hr, making my travel tripod shaking violently while this shot was taken so only way to stabilize it was to add weight and put my body weight on the cam and tripod to steady it through this shot. South West Coastline of Western Australia is extremely aplenty with such beautifull coastlines and this is just one of the many.

This shot was taken with a Nikon D700 in Greens Pool, Denmark, Western Australia, 2009.

Greens pool was one of the rare gems that was discovered in the Denmark region of Southwestern Australia. In between Pemberton and Albany, this beach was shielded from the raging waves by these scattered rocks forming a cove where children can also play in the crystal clear waters. This guy seems to be in a dilemma whether to go to the other rocks.

This is extremely true in the General Elections 2011 in Singapore now. With opposition fielding high calibre candidates, it is no wonder that voters are in a dilemma. But quoting one candidate, “Have courage, use your head”, I believed it will have given many Singaporeans a light to follow. The past is over, we look towards the future. Similar to this guy, the voter is just like a stranded guy on the small piece of rock, nowhere to go. But there is an option, bigger rocks on the other side, if the voter is willing to swim to the other side and he/she have more breathing space and more freedom without being stranded anymore.