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This shot was taken with a Nikon D700 in Singapore, 2010.

This lone rock in the background should be the king of rocks along CBW. Standing at a height of about 2.3meters against the waves and winds, its a sight that you wont miss while strolling along the boardwalk. This was a sunrise shot, which was not really a popular sunrise location as it’s backlitting the big rock. However, it gives it a sense of majesty as it leads all the rocks “out at low tide”.


This shot was taken with a Nikon D700 in Singapore, 2010.

Another one of my favorite shots of Changi Beach CP6. This shot was taken at low angle with the waters rippling over the sand formations. These wonderful ripples are especially emphasized with a clear sky and powerful sunrise on this day.

A project that will be ongoing to restore some of my best works from the day I started taking photos.

This shot was taken with a Nikon D700 in Singapore, 2010.

This lone tree is the only surviving tree standing against the waves of Changi Beach. Whether when it will fall is a matter of how long it can withstand the wind and waters here.

This shot was taken with a Nikon D700 at Changi Beach, Singapore, 2010.

This lone tree at Changi Beach has been one of a few icons of the place, pity that it has now collapsed as of last year in 2010 after withstanding decades of waves hitting it. I still remember the younger days even before the boardwalk was built, this place has been a fave spot for fishing and wading at low tide for shellfish and sea life. Till today, it’s still a charming place. Retreated and retired, as the name suggests, the lone tree has retired today and remains are what can be seen during retreated tides.

Resuming my Singapore scapes blogging. Hahaha…

This shot was taken on the same day as Singapore Scapes #38. It was an amazing sight to see this ripples of water gushing along out to the sea in the sunrise. The ripples and waves were actually due to the water riding on the sand contours, thus causing this phenomenon.

Changi Beach Sunrise 06-03-10 #11 (Reworked)

Changi beach. Yes changi beach CP6 again. This place forever marvels me with its beauty at low tide. Just hope that this remains true in time to come.

This shot was a simple shot with not much subjects, mainly water and a couple of persons in the foreground. Did not saturate this shot too much to keep the originality and simplicity in this shot.

Changi Beach Sunrise 06-03-10 #2

A long exposure shot at Changi Beach at low tide a couple of months ago. At low tide, the seaweed and the sand formations stood still against time.

Changi Beach Low Tide 31-01-2010 #7